Psoriasis: Studies and Treatments

The treatment of patients with psoriasis is one of our key areas of focus in our practice in Potsdam. All of our doctors have comprehensive, long standing experience in the treatment and, in parts, research in this field. Prof. Asadullah has habilitated on the subject of psoriasis, published numerous articles on this topic and has also been involved in the development of new forms of therapy. One of the first treatments of psoriasis with a biological can be traced back to Prof. Asadullah and his research team at Charité, of which Dr. Fuhrmeister has also been a member.

In our practice, we offer all common therapies for the treatment of psoriasis whose effectiveness have been scientifically proven. Each therapeutic approach is carefully chosen in close cooperation with each patient individually.

Unfortunately, due to limitations imposed by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians we are unable to accept patients who are insured through statutory health insurances. Still we are trying to find ways to provide for patients with severe psoriasis. And therefore, amongst others, offer the possibility of participation in studies and/or – if indicated – receive balneophototherapy.

PUVA Bath Therapy

Our practice is equipped with a modern bath- and phototherapeutic unit, which enables us to treat our patients with a combination of light-sensitive substances (psoralen) and light irradiation in UV-A range. Our computer-assisted programmes and modern technology calculate the exact dose that is indicated for the individual patient at that particular moment. This reduces the risk of non-ideal irradiation (wrong dose), which can lead to low effect or sunburn.


We are currently conducting several studies with biologicals whose efficacy and safety have already been proven and which have already been approved by the authorities. However, due to the high costs involved (annual therapy costs typically exceed the mark of 20,000 Euro), health insurances still limit their financial coverage.

We are currently still accepting patients for the following studies:

  1. Combination of a modern biological (Anti IL-17) and supporting measures to improve the lifestyle (healthier diet, slightly more exercise etc.) of overweight patients (metabolic syndrome). A coach is provided, the patient receives comprehensive information.
  2. Application of a modern biological (Anti IL-17) for young people.
  3. Application of a modern biological (Anti IL-17) for overweight patients with psoriasis. Here, the most up-to-date, imaging techniques are used for the early diagnosis of a (often yet undiscovered) fatty liver in a reversible stage.

As the medication is provided by the producers (pharmaceutical companies), these studies do not incur any costs for the health insurance companies. The patients also receive an expense allowance e.g. for travel costs.


A prerequisite for the participation in all studies as well as the PUVA Bath Therapy is that the participants suffer from moderate to severe psoriasis (no minor medical findings please). If you meet this requirement and are interested in becoming a participant please call our practice (0331 296423) or leave a message on our dedicated studies voice mail (0170 5497027). We will call you back to arrange an appointment.


We often cooperate with renowned partners from the fields of aesthetic medicine and surgery as well as with endocrinologists, personal trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists.

We have also established close cooperations with various academic and industrial institutions. As far as academic institutions are concerned, our main partner is the Charité Berlin, where Prof. Asadullah as an associate professor with teaching assignments regularly gives lectures. As our industrial cooperation partners we list consulting firms, biotech as well as pharmaceutical companies. These cooperations include consulting activities, participation in ‘advisory boards’, lectures, joint training events and studies. Here we contribute our experiences from clinical work in our practice, university medicine and, above all, pharmaceutical research; the later of which Prof. Asadullah has acquired through his leading positions in research and development projects conducted at the well-established pharmaceutical companies Schering and Bayer. The cooperations are aimed to support the companies in advancing diagnostics as well as medication for our patients.

Our cooperation partners (past and present)*: 

  • Almirall
  • Antabio
  • Bayer
  • Emeritipharma
  • Galderma
  • Janssen
  • Leo
  • L’Oréal
  • Novartis
  • Pierre Fabre
  • Sanofi Genzyme
  • UCB

*The collaborations include/included medical support and, in some cases, financial contributions.

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