Dermatology Practice
Dermatologie Potsdam MVZ

Our consultations cover the whole range of general as well as aesthetic/cosmetic dermatology. In order to ensure the best results, we only use the most modern, state of the art medical tools.

A successful therapy always starts with the exact diagnosis. It is therefore crucial to listen closely to our patients in order to be able to provide a treatment which is optimally adapted to their respective needs.

We thus take the time to fully understand your medical history and to conduct comprehensive clinical and – if necessary – laboratory examinations. It is, above all, essential to us to provide you with exact information about your condition and to then jointly decide on the most suitable therapy. Our private consultation in Potsdam is also open to self-payers. Here, we provide appointments at the weekend and also have ample time for in-depth medical talks.

Our general dermatological services include the treatment of:

  • acne
  • eczema including neurodermitis (endogenous/atopic eczema)
  • psoriasis
  • rosacea
  • infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • pigment disorders
  • rashes (e.g. medication or virus related)
  • light damage
  • skin ageing
  • cornification disorders
  • benign tissue changes (e.g. lipomas, cysts)
  • tumors and their preliminary stages
  • hay fever and allergies

Range of Treatments

  • allergy tests
  • irradiation/light therapy (PUVA/SUP/PDT)
  • bathing therapy, bath PUVA therapy
  • dermatosurgical surgery
  • medical cosmetics
  • psychosomatic therapy
  • laser treatment e.g. for removal of vascular changes, age spots, age warts, birth marks and hair

Skin Cancer Screening

The early diagnosis of skin cancer, also in its preliminary stages, is essential for the successful treatment of the disease or, if detected in time, for a cure. We therefore recommend to sign up for a skin cancer screening once a year. In addition to a thorough clinical examination conducted by our experienced medical staff we use reflected-light microscopic analysis (dermatoscopy) as well as video-assisted computer recording and assessment in order to receive well-founded examination results.

Cosmetic Treatments

We offer comprehensive advice and as well as cosmetic treatments for debilitating skin diseases and professional medical aesthetic treatments. These include:

  • laser treatment for removal of irritating skin changes and vessels
  • anti-aging treatment e.g. needling or peeling
  • wrinkle treatment e.g. with botox or filler (including hyaluronic acid)
  • permanent hair removal e.g. with alexandrite laser
  • medical cosmetics
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