1. How can I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, please use our online service on this website or Doctolib

You can reach our practice by phone on 0331 296423.

2. I am covered by a statutory health insurance or not insured at all. Will you still treat me? Can I book a privat consultation even if I am not privately insured?

Yes! We will treat you regardless your type of insurance.

For patients who are covered by a statutory health insurance, the payment of consultations is settled directly with their respective health insurance. The patient only needs to bring his/her chip card. Only in emergencies can we treat patients with statutory health insurance without a chip card. If the card is not presented, the patient will be charged according to the current official Medical Fee Schedule.

In addition to our surgery for patients covered by statutory health insurance which is often quite busy, we offer all patients the option to visit our private surgery as a self-payer. You will then receive an invoice listing the charges for our services rendered according to the current official Medical Fee Schedule.

In the case described above, the costs must be borne by the patient him-/herself. This first consultation/examination costs approximately 30-50 Euro. Supporting laboratory tests or use of medical equipment will be agreed with you in advance and charged at additional costs. If requested, we are happy to provide you with a cost estimate.

3. I do not speak German or only very poorly. Is that a problem?

Not at all.
As Prof. Asadullah who worked in the USA for several years as well as our doctors speak English, the consultation can be conducted entirely in English. We fully sympathise with foreign patients who do not yet have a good command of the German language. So if a patient neither speaks German nor English it would be advisable if he or she was accompanied by someone who has at least some basic knowledge in either of the two languages.

4. What are your consultation hours?

9am–12am/2pm–7pm (only private and laser)
8am–12am/2pm–7pm (only private and laser)
8am–12am/afternoon private consultation by appointment only
Private consultation by appointment only

5. How long do I have to wait for an appointment?

Due to high demand we can allocate appointments only long or medium term for patients covered by statutory health insurance. However, due to a limitation of services imposed on us by the authorities, we are currently unable to accept new patients with statutory health insurance.
Particularly in less urgent cases such as medical check-ups without a strong suspicion of a malign skin tumour we recommend a fairly long-term planning. In urgent cases we will try to arrange an emergency appointment. Here, however, the patient will absolutely need a referral form with an ‘urgency’ sticker. You can also use the Medical Appointment Coordination Office (telephone number: 116117) in order arrange an appointment with a dermatologist.

Please note that consultations are by appointment only.

6. How long do I have to wait in your practice?

We aim for short waiting times. This, however, works only if all patients show up on time. If you are unable to keep an appointment please cancel it in good time or let us know if you are likely to be late.

During our private consultation hours, there is usually only a very short waiting time. By scheduling all private appointments, we keep the waiting time to a minimum. There can be delays in exceptional cases (emergencies). If you have given us your mobile number, we will inform you accordingly.

As the demand for appointments from patients with statutory health insurance is notably high, waiting times can occur. 
Thank you for your understanding.

7. How long is the consultation?

In a private consultation, a first personal interview including thorough initial examination will take at least 20 minutes.
Unfortunately we do not have as much time for patients covered by statutory health insurance. 
However, we will always take the time required for seriously ill patients – regardless of their type of insurance.

8. Do I need to prepare or bring anything?

Just come. If, however, preliminary examinations have already taken place we advise you to bring all medical reports and findings (incl. photos if applicable) as well as lab results available to you. This enables us to provide you with more targeted advice and avoid unnecessary costs caused by redundant multiple examinations. If your are currently taking medication or recently have taken medication (due to a skin condition or any other illness) please provide us with the exact details (preparation, active ingredient, dosage) or the medication/package. If you have an allergy pass, please also bring it with you.

9. Where are you located?

You can find our practice here

10. How much do you charge for private consultations if the patient is self-paying?

We charge our services according to the current official Medical Fee Schedule. As a rule, these costs are fully reimbursed by the private health insurers. 
A preliminary consulation (ca. 20 minutes) costs approximately 30-50 Euro. Consultation and examination including a reflected-light microscopic evaluation of the skin comes to ca. 50 Euro. If further examinations or therapies are added to these basic examinations, costs increase accordingly. We will, of course, discuss additional costs with you in advance to ensure that you are always aware of the cost level. Our medical invoices are not forwarded to the health insurer but go directly to you – regardless whether you are entitled to aid, privately insured or covered by a statutory health insurance.

11. Which forms of payment do you offer?

You will receive an invoice which we ask you to pay immediately after your consultation with one of our doctors. We accept cash or debit card (EC-card) payments. If you need an additional copy of the invoice please let our staff at the reception desk know.
Privately insured patients will receive an invoice by the billing provider PVS by post and can then transfer the appropriate amount. 

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