Please note that, with the exception of genuine medical emergencies, consultations can take place by appointment only.

Appointment Booking Online

If you want to make an appointment, we recommend our easy-to-use online appointment management system, which is available regardless of our own consultation hours.

Private Practice

Private appointments (privately insured patients only!) can also made by phone: 0331 76993044.
Please note that if you call this number as a patient with statutory health insurance, you are considered a self-payer and therefore will have to pay for the consultation yourself. Charges are based on the official Medical Fee Schedule. First consultations/examinations cost approximately 30-50 Euro.


Appointments with Our Panel Doctors

Appointments can only be made online.

We invite severely disabled and visually impaired patients who are unable to make online bookings to call us on our service number
0331 296423 on Fridays between 10.30 and 11.30am to book an appointment by phone.

If no appointments are available online, we are fully booked. Please do not call. The same applies if an available date is too far in the future. If necessary, please contact other dermatology practices or call the Medical Appointment Coordination Office on telephone number 116117.

New Service: Online Skin Check

The experts in our dermatology practice are available to answer all your questions about the health of your skin. If you urgently need an initial diagnosis but are unable to visit our practice with an appointment for lack of time or other reasons, we now offer you a special service: Simply send us your questions online!

And Here Is How: 

Describe your skin condition, upload photos of the area affected and send us this information. Prof. Asadullah will send you a preliminary, competent assessment of your acute skin condition within a maximum of 48 hours. The assessment includes a written recommendation for further action.

Your Advantages: 

+ professional & trustworthy
+ available anywhere & anytime
+ secure & compliant with data protection laws
+ fast, competent & time-saving
+ concise, individual recommendation
+ no appointment necessary

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