1. How do I get an appointment?

To make an appointment, please use our comfortable online appointment system. This is available to you 24/7 via this website or www.doctolib.de.

Our practice can be reached by calling 0331 296423.

2. I am insured by a non-private entity, such as a governmental-controlled insurance plan (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung/ Ersatzkasse) or don’t have insurance at all. Can I consult with you as well? May I also come to the private consultation if I am not privately insured?

Yes! We are pleased to take care of you regardless of your insurance status.

We offer the “Kassensprechstunde” for patients covered by a governmental-controlled insurance plan (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung/ Ersatzkasse) and the private practice for all other patients. Only in the “Kassensprechstunde” we will charge to the governmental-controlled insurance plan (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung/ Ersatzkasse) directly. You only have to bring your chipcard for the consultation. If governmental insured patients prefer to come to the private practice (where we have more time), they are welcome there too.

In these cases, however, the costs will need to be covered by the patient themselves. All patients in private practice, regardless of insurance status, will get an invoice based on the current medical fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ). The costs for the first consultation/ examination ranges around 40 and 70 Euro. Accessory devices and laboratory fees are billed separately. Accompanying technical or laboratory examinations will be charged additionally and agreed with you in advance. On request, you can get a quote.

3. I don’t speak German at all, or only a little, although I do speak English. Is this a problem?

No Problem! A consultation entirely in English is no problem. Prof. Asadullah lived for years in the United States and is fluent in English, and has complete sympathy for foreign patients, not so experienced with German yet. If you speak neither German or English, we recommend that you bring someone who is at least somewhat conversant in English or German to translate.

4. What are your hours?

for Skin cancer screening in Potsdam and Laser treatment in Potsdam you will find all relevant information here. If you have any questions or questions, please call.

Mo 8am – 12am und 2pm-7pm privat

Tue 8am – 12 am and 2pm-7pm Laser

we 8am – 12am

Th 8am – 12 am and 2pm-7pm

Fr 8am – 13pm

Sa Private consultation by appointment

5. How long do I need to wait before I get an appointment?

Due to the high demand this can take several weeks for the “Kassensprechstunde”. Due to a performance limitation imposed on us, we are temporarily unable to accept new legally insured patients. Appointments in the private practice and for Laser therapy are usually available earlier, Skin cancer screening in Potsdam usually within one or two weeks, as needed, otherwise we recommend a longer planning horizon in the case of less urgent, or elective situations (e.g., prophylactic screening without hints for a malignant skin cancer). Of course, in urgent cases we will arrange an emergency appointment for you, independent of your insurance status.

6. How long do I need to wait in the practice?

Usually there is virtually no waiting time in our private practice! We schedule all appointments, keeping the waiting time to a minimum. This only works, however, if all patients show up exactly on time for their appointment.

In the private consultation there are usually only short waiting times with us. because you may arrive late please let us know as soon as possible. In the rare case of emergencies, a delay may occur.

Due to the high demand waiting time is frequently

unavoidable in the “Kassensprechstunde”.

7. How long is a consultation?

We allocate sufficient time for the first consultation and a careful, thorough initial examination. We recommend you plan for about 20 minutes. This is in particular the case in the private practice. The time which can be allocated may be shorter in the “Kassensprechstunde”. We need to ask our governmental insured patients for understanding, that the high very demand and limited reimbursement does not allow for extensive consultations for mild and very benign diseases in the “Kassensprechstunde”.

This does not mean at all that you will not be treated well. If you would like to have additional time, however, e.g. to extensively discuss problems such as mild to moderate hair loss or a more cosmetically problem, or impact of environmental factors and nutrition on your skin, we recommend that you book an additional appointment in our private practice, which would be billed to you directly (usually about 50€). Of course, in serious cases (e.g. serious life threatening diseases) we will always allocate sufficient time for you independent of your insurance status!

8. Do I need to prepare something/ need to bring something with me?

No Of course, if you have any documents you feel may be relevant, such as prior lab results or consultation notes with other physicians, we recommend bringing these with you to help focus our consultation and avoid duplication of costs. Also, if you currently take any drugs, or have taken any drugs recently (irrespective whether they were for a skin-related issues) please bring with you the exact drug information, including dosage, or the drug vial itself and, if you have an allergy certification please bring this with you as well.

9. How do I get to the practice/ office?

Please inform yourself on our directions page.

10. How much does a consultation costs?

We charge based on the current medical fee schedule for physicians (GOÄ). Usually the costs are fully covered by private medical insurance. For the first consultation, including examination, which lasts about 20 minutes, An appointment for a consultation and examination with reflected light microscope assessment of the skin costs about 50 euros. A comprehensive skin cancer screening costs about 70€. We will inform you if further investigations are recommended. The according accessory devices and laboratory fees are billed separately. So you will be informed about any costs at all times. For patients in private practice we will not sent invoices to insurance companies but only to you. Only in the “Kassensprechstunde” we will charge to the governmental-controlled insurance plan (gesetzliche Krankenversicherung/ Ersatzkasse) directly.

11. How can I pay?

We provide you with an invoice, which you may pay at our reception desk immediately after your appointment, in cash or via bank transfer.