The dermatologist and immunology practice of
Prof. Dr. med. Khusru Asadullah in Potsdam

Professional medical diagnostics, therapy and a trusting, dignified relationship between doctor and patient.

As dermatologists in Potsdam, we are committed every day to the optimal treatment result.

For all, whether privately insured, eligible to help, self-paying or legally insured, we are happy to be available.

Our treatment services

Hautärzte (Dermatologen)
in Potsdam auf jameda

Specialists – Specialists

In a world of rapid development of knowledge and technology, we have developed into a team of increasing specialization. Together with state-of-the-art technology in our dermatologist’s practice in Potsdam, you as a patient have the guarantee of receiving very personal care and at the same time enjoying the advantages of our specialistism.

Our team

Überdurchschnittlich nettes Team und...
extrem nettes und freundliches Team, super saubere Praxis, Erreichbarkeit … Mehr
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